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PRAPAS makes performance evaluations easy, affordable and flexible.

While the rest of the world seems to conduct business at the speed of light, the world of Human Resources still contends with archaic paper and data processing systems.  PRAPAS allows Human Resource professionals to administer their performance evaluations online, with maximum control over the entire process.

PRAPAS makes it easy for managers to complete an employee's evaluation.  With a click of the mouse, a manager can say good-bye to paper cuts and bulging file cabinets.

PRAPAS is an Internet-based solution, so there is no hardware or software to buy, implemented or support.  The time and cost impact on your IT resources is minimal.

PRAPAS helps employers leverage their existing HRIS and payroll systems by utilizing the employee population data that is routinely stored into these systems.

PRAPAS Solution Overview

  • PRAPAS is a comprehensive, Internet-based Web solution that enables managers to securely and easily access performance standards and criteria in order to rate each employee's performance.
  • PRAPAS permits the evaluator to indicate competency validation methods and input clarifying comments for each standard.  The manager can identify employee needs in clinical skill competencies and write a corresponding competency development plan.
  • PRAPAS captures all performance review information and places it into a summary format that can be printed and shared with the employee.  The pay rate increase, next review date, and other specified information is electronically submitted to Payroll and HRIS.
  • The administrative side of PRAPAS, also Internet-based, enables the system administrator to facilitate the evaluation process, create reports, and provide vital data to the organization's decision makers.

The net result? The first data integration solution that allows employers to consolidate employee evaluation, competency assessment, and JCAHO related data (for hospitals) into a single, practical resource for reporting purposes.

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